Anime Expo 2009

July 10th, 2009
Events, Roundup

JAST USA made its annual trip to Anime Expo this year, and boy do we have news! The panel was scheduled for the late hour of 10:00 PM and we were worried that we might not see many folks show up because of it, but we shouldn’t have been – walking past the line to set up at the hall we though we were at the door, but the line just kept going. In the end the 300-seat hall was packed to capacity, and unfortunately the con staff had to turn some people away. Note to self: get a bigger room for next year.


We had several exciting pieces of news to announce at the panel:

Nitroplus / JAST USA Partnership

Our first big news at the panel was the announcement that we’ve entered into a licensing agreement with content producer Nitroplus, one of the biggest players in the world of Japanese bishoujo games. The first two titles we’ll be releasing under the partnership are Zanma Taisei Demonbane and Jingai Makyou, both of which are planned to come out in early 2010. More information on the partnership can be found in our press release as well as at the project’s new official site,

Family Project Complete

First announced in production  two years ago, the saga of Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ is finally complete! One of our largest and most ambitious games to date, the crown jewel of the G-Collections library and a game rated the best of all time by Japanese fans is now being printed and will ship to preorder customers by the end of July. Preorders are still open for a very limited time.

Next Up: Cat Girl Alliance

Following the release of Family Project, we’re already at work in post-production on Cat Girl Alliance, the next game scheduled for release from G-Collections. We’re working hard with the goal of getting it out some time in September. Lighning Warrior Raidy II will follow at the end of the year, along with Downhill Night.

We also talked at the panel about a new series of short games that combine a dating sim element and an arcade-style game called Yukkuri Panic. The first of these is the yuri (girl’s love)-themed Escalation, which we hinted about at last year’s panel and is now officially in development – more details will be up here soon on this new project, as well as updates on all of other other current works in progress.

Site Renewal

Last but not least, as is probably obvious if you’re reading this, we’re currently going through a major  site renewal here at The look, feel and functionality of the site are all changing (much for the better, we think) and we’re really excited about all of the new ways we’ll be able to communicate with you, the customers and fans of these amazing games. We’ll be talking more about the new features of the site soon, as we’re ready to bring them online.

As we move forward with work on the site, any and all feedback is appreciated! Leave a comment here, or check out our official forums for even more interaction with the JAST USA games community. Please note that all comments are moderated for appropriate content and relevance.



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