Family Project Download, Comic Con panel

July 22nd, 2009
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Family Project Download Purchase Now Available

The latest title from G-Collections is now available for purchase via download! Download orders can currently be made at the J-List website, and download options will be in place at G-Collections, Peach Princess and of course here at JAST USA by this time tomorrow. The download is priced at $5 off the package edition, and of course there’s no shipping cost, so this is a great opportunity to pick up our newest release.

JAST USA Sits on Games Panel at San Diego Comic Con

From the Comic Con 2009 Program Guide:

6:30-7:30 The Wonderful World of Computer Games in Japan— An overview of computer gaming as seen from Japan, with a focus on Japan’s amateur “doujin” games, dating-sims and games that explore themes of love, and an overview of recent trends in computer gaming in Japan, including “otome” games (games made specifically for girls) and other areas in which gaming in Japan differs from those in the West. Room 32AB

Unlike our past two panels at Otakon and Anime Expo this one is all ages, and the focus is more broadly on electronic games from Japan; Peter Payne will be there presenting, so if you’re at the con on Thursday, July 23rd, stop by and check it out!



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