Edit: Moero 2, Raidy 2 now shipping!

June 28th, 2010

Update: as of today (June 29th), Moero Downhill Night 2 and Lightning Warrior Raidy II are both now shipping! If you’ve preordered, you can expect your copy in the mail soon.

The pulse-pounding tale of love on the winding roads of Japan’s mountainsides is finished and nearly back from the printers! We’ll be shipping Downhill Night 2 along with Raidy 2 in just a few days, so now’s a great time to get in those last minute preorders!

In Moero Downhill Night 2, a generation has passed since the original tale of the need for speed that led to the birth of a navigating legend in the annals of Japan’s drift racing history. You are Akito, a college-going dreamer who works part time and is addicted to the realistic car racing games at his local arcade. The one thing you want most is a car of your own to steer to victory, but the dream seems elusive – until your friend and co-worker Rinka offers to take you for an evening ride, and the two of you are challenged to a race with her body on the line!

Your victory on the mountain that night leads to further races and chance meetings with other beautiful girls thrilled by the glamor and speed of the high mountain roads. Which will you claim and lead to victory both on the road and off it? Pick your path by navigating the ‘hot spots’ throughout the city where you can meet the girl of your interest, and compete in intense, 3D-rendered races with critical decisions in your hands.

Moero Downhill Night 2 Official Site

On a final note — JAST USA is headed to Anime Expo this coming weekend! Stay tuned for more information, coming tomorrow.



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