“Densetsu” Joins JAST USA Brand Group

February 28th, 2011
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With the coming of 2011 and a shift in production emphasis among our labels, JAST USA is looking ahead to the future. As part of a newly defined brand strategy we are proud to announce the formation of a new release label for our games, JAST Densetsu!

Densetsu, which means “legend” in Japanese, has been created as the brand that will bring together the pinnacle of achievement of the visual novel craft as chosen from among our upcoming games. The first two titles in the JAST Densetsu catalog will be My Girlfriend is the President and Aselia the Eternal, with the third Densetsu game to be announced tomorrow. Subsequent high profile releases will find a home on the JAST Densetsu label as well. These are real labors of love, and we hope you’ll look forward to them!

Peach Princess continues as our second active label, featuring great games at competitive prices with innovative concepts such as the Downhill Night series of moe drift racing games, and the upcoming Qix arcade-style games. Historically the Peach Princess label has hosted releases from our collaborations with Japanese makers Will and Crowd as well, and may continue to do so in the future. The concept for this brand is sexy, fun games that are easy to pick up and enjoy. Keep an eye out for a complete site remake over at peachprincess.com in the near future!

The G-Collections brand was created to bring games from Japanese umbrella group CD Bros. to the English-speaking world, including dozens of games from their affiliate labels such as D.O., ZyX, AngelSmile, Trabulance, and more. With the release of Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 all currently licensed G-Collections games are on the market, and the brand is enjoying a hiatus from production; any other games licensed from CD Bros. affiliates in the future will be released under the G-Collections label.

Other JAST USA brands include:

  • Nitro+ by JAST USA, our joint collaboration with maker Nitroplus that is bringing you Demonbane in March and hopes to bring many more great games in the future.
  • Langmaor, the brand that brought two yaoi games from the Will label by the same name.
  • Milky House, a historical brand used by JAST USA to release games not associated with the original Japanese JAST label.
  • JAST USA, the original brand created to release games from Japanese maker JAST.

Over the history of JAST USA, the JAST name came to be known as the core brand and coordinating platform for our other game projects and licenses, and it retains this role today. The JAST Densetsu label reflects this historical commitment to quality games, and provides a unique opportunity to redefine and focus our brand identity as we continue into the exciting future of bishoujo gaming and visual novels.

Stop by again tomorrow to get the first look at the newest game in the Densetsu lineup!



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