Post-Earthquake Status Report

March 20th, 2011
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A week into the crisis caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan, we the Japan-located staff of JAST USA are happy to report that we’re safe and continuing work as we deal with the ongoing tragedy afflicting the country. We’re incredibly lucky to be located a safe distance from the Fukushima plant and the flood-hit region to the north, and we’re thankful that the only effects we’re dealing with are the minor inconvenience of daily power outages.

The earthquake wasn’t as kind to our Japanese partner companies, many of whose workplaces were cast into disarray and whose staff have friends and family from the affected region. We’re working to re-establish normal ties with them on our ongoing projects, but understandably this has been a cause of delay as our staff and theirs focus on safety, security and communication with loved ones.

The status of ongoing JAST projects is as follows:

Demonbane is still on schedule for late March release. This may dip slightly into early April, but the current stage of replication is past requiring input from the Japan side that would slow it down, so with all going smoothly in San Diego we will make the release target.

My Girlfriend is the President has concluded localization work by the TLwiki team. We are in the process of working with ALcot to produce a release candidate that can be quality checked/debugged and then pressed to master; our earlier target was to have this done by the end of March but this process depends on ALcot’s situation. We don’t anticipate major delays, however.

Aselia the Eternal and School Days HQ have both had progress delayed somewhat by the influence of the earthquake and shifting priorities that have resulted. Sekai Project’s work has not been significantly impacted, but 0verflow has been understandably busy with recovery efforts and stabilizing their operations. We’ll be resuming regular progress on both of these as quickly as possible. Yumina is in progress as well, with most contracted work complete and the remainder to be done as in-house scheduling permits.

The shipment of physical and download copies of JAST USA games has not been affected by the earthquake tragedy, with orders still being processed daily and shipped from our San Diego warehouse. As at J-List, all sales made at JAST USA through April will have 5% contributed to the Japan Red Cross. If you’d like to contribute directly to the relief effort, Google has set up a page with relevant resources that we highly recommend.

Response to support tickets has slowed as a result of the crisis, and we’re working to address these issues as promptly as possible. We appreciate your understanding as we bring operations back to normal in this difficult time. You can follow us on Twitter for regular project status updates, and major news will as always be posted here to the JAST USA blog.



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