Peach Princess Newsletter - 2010/03/03

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Peach Princess Newsletter - 2010/03/03

Postby Lamuness » Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:11 am

Hello again from Peach Princess, your favorite source for Japan's amazing PC dating-sim games! Spring is in the air, and with it a brand new game release that's sure to delight -- read on for more:

That's right! Cat Girl Alliance, the kinky tale of one man's after-college club and the harem of girls who flock to it, is in stock and shipping now! As transfer student Eiji, you'll experience the thrill of watching futanari class president Rumi get it on with her slavishly devoted best friend Natsuki -- but the next thing you know, they've discovered you there and have forced you to join in!

You'll come to learn the afternoon delights of the Cat Girl Alliance as you meet its kinky ringleader Rumi, her loyal servant Natsuki and the club's newest member, the prim but secretly insatiable Shizuko. Find your way to love and sex along the game's 8 possible endings in some of the most deliciously deviant 'training' scenarios imaginable in this great new game from G-Collections! Now available in both CD-ROM and downloadable versions - check out the game's official site for all the details.

We'd also like to remind you that Deus Machina Demonbane is now available for preorder! It's the first game to be produced in partnership with hit Japanese maker Nitroplus, and the staff of JAST USA are hard at work to make sure it's every bit as awesome as the novels, sequels, and TV anime that it inspired. The game combines the most incredible character and Cthulhu-inspired story ever, and it's going to be a huge hit when it's finally released. You can preorder the game now here at Peach Princess, but for a full introduction to the game and for all the latest news, the Demonbane official site has got you covered.

Moero! Downhill Night is the first in an exciting new lineup of titles combining the thrill of "drift"-style auto racing with the thrill of romance as you navigate both the winding mountain roads of Japan and your relationships with the beautiful girls you meet there. Click the graphic above to go to the official site and see the amazing CG-rendered racing action, done by the same staff that created Initial D!

The first installment of the Moero series finds our hero Shou working a noodle delivery job, with big dreams but little promise of seeing them through. That all changes after he gets in an accident and wakes up in the passenger seat of a beautiful, mysterious girl named Michi - a taxi driver with racing dreams of her own, who's convinced that he is a genius navigator who will catapult her driving to the next level.

As Shou you decide to play along and act as Michi's navigator, and to your surprise you actually win races together! Your success with Michi both on and off the road draws others jealous of your skill and eager to learn your secret -- Maria, the nun with such a need for speed that she bets her chastity in a race with you, Kyoko, the spunky heir to a kimono shop who's running from her destiny, Lily, the quiet race queen idol with racing dreams of her own, and Yuuna, a mischievous girl out to prove she has what it takes to win.

Be sure to check out the brand-new official site to learn more. One of the best things about this game, and all the games of the series, is that they're very affordable, just $24.95!
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