Peach Princess Newsletter - 2007/10/09

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Peach Princess Newsletter - 2007/10/09

Postby Lamuness » Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:47 am

Hello again from Peach Princess! It's time for another quick update on what's up with the exciting English bishoujo game market.

First of all, our good news: G-Collection's upcoming new game Bazooka Cafe has gone "Golden Master" and is being duplicated now. One of the most eagerly anticipated titles from the newly revitalized brand, it's a great game that puts you in the role of the owner of your own "maid cafe." Running a cafe is a lot of work, but you'll have plenty of help. First there's Cocoa, the gorgeous current waitress, who came back to work for you after getting married -- a lucky break for you since you don't much about running a coffee shop. Next, your former coworker Mizuki volunteers to work for you, cute and clumsy as she is. Then your childhood friend Narumi, who all but begs you to let her work for you, followed by the buxom Yayoi. What do these four women all have in common? They're all incredibly busty and beautiful, and they want to please you. A rich, full game that also includes Valentine Special, a fully translated bonus game with new CG. You can still peorder this great title for free shipping when it's ready!

The G-Collections staff is hard at work on other titles too, which are also available for preorder. First there's Princess Waltz, the popular card battle + dating-sim game from Pulltop that's sold incredibly well in Japan -- so well that there are even figures available right now. You find yourself suddenly taken off to a foreign land to take part in the Princess Waltz, a dangerous battle to determine the Queen of Seven Central in the fantasy world of Eldelant. Great game! We're also doing beta testing on an extremely long and beautiful title called Snow Sakura, a great game set in cold Hokkaido at the top of Japan. When you lived in the village when you were very small, you made a promise to one of the beautiful girls around you while under the Snow Sakura tree. But which one was it? You cannot remember. A superb story- and character-centric game with a huge story and excellent CG, also currently in beta testing. You can show your support for English bishoujo games by preordering both titles for speedy delivery when they're ready.

In other news: the newest bishoujo game from Kitty Media is coming soon, Discipline: The Record of the Crusade, a fantastic game from the creators of Bible Black. After Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Arcadia, his world is turned upside-down by a huge cast of beautiful females. A superb new game that you can preorder now! Just $29.95, or get the limited edition T-shirt pack for $10 more.

Remember that the latest PC dating-sim game currently shipping is Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048! Pretty Soldier Wars is a really unique type of game, featuring amazing turn-based strategy combat with "tentacle monsters" that you must beat by guiding your beautiful female soldiers in battle, with lots of strategy involved about which units you'll take into battle for the next level. The game goes further, though, by giving you fun dating-sim game play between the combat levels, allowing you to interact with all those lovely bio-engineered girls. This is the first new game from G-Collections in 2+ years, and we think it's a great one. Order your copy now!

Have you browsed the other titles we've recently announced? Like the upcoming Family Project ~ Kazoku Keikaku ~, one of the most famous and well respected games ever to be brought out in English, featuring a fabulous story by the author of Yume Miru Kusuri and Kana ~ Little Sister, and music by I've Sound and the prodigal Kotoko? Or Lightning Warrior Raidy, an innovative RPG style game in which you must play Raidy, a beautiful female warrior who does battle with female monsters in a dungeon? Or the delicious Amorous Professor Cherry? It's a great time to be a bishoujo game fan!

Free trading cards, posters with every order!

Remember that our friends over at JAST USA have celebrated their 10th Anniversary -- wow! To help everyone celebrate, we're giving away laminated plastic (much thicker than paper cards) and wrapped in foil for that cool trading card feel when you rip it open. There are 55 cards in the set, including "rare" cards. Also, we've printed new catalogs with gorgeous glossy posters on the back, which we're sure you'll want to display on your wall.

That's all for now. Until our next news update, please keep being a fan of PC dating-sim games from Japan!
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