Peach Princess Newsletter - 2008/10/23

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Peach Princess Newsletter - 2008/10/23

Postby Lamuness » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:03 am

Hello from Peach Princess, your favorite source for Japan's amazing PC dating-sim games in English!

First of all, the time has come to tell you that the incredible Princess Waltz is finally ready to be declared Golden Master, and the disc is on its way to the duplicators for manufacturing now. This is a really outstanding game, the dramatic story of beautiful princesses from an alternate universe who do battle for the right to become "one" with the person that can help them form the Heroine Iris and battle an ancient evil (namely, you). In order to properly synchronize with your female partner, you need to have couple with them, which adds a lot to this fantastic story. Easily one of the highest budget bishoujo games ever released in English, this game has a huge story with many thousands of CG images (the game is huge, and comes on a massive DVD-ROM), top quality music and voice acting, and characters you'll fall in love with right away. It's been so popular in Japan that prepainted anime figures have been made based on Princess Waltz characters, too. If you haven't preordered this game yet, you can still do it for fast shipping when it's ready. Order now!

We're also announcing an official site for Princess Waltz, which you can access at This site (which looks gorgeous) is a great place to check out the rich characters and game art and learn how the unique card battle system works. You'll be bowled over by the intensity and beauty of this title, and won't be able to resist preordering it. Please check the site out, and if you have a website, link to it!

We've got more good news to tell you about: we've completely revamped our download system which lets customers get the Internet Download Editions of our games onto their computers easily. The new system features increased download speeds, and gives you 24 hours to complete each individual download, allowing you to use your web browser's "resume" function if a transfer should fail for some reason, making it easy to download the games. We think the download editions of our games are a great way to enjoy Japan's PC dating-sims -- why not browse our downloadable titles right now?

In further news, we're happy to announce that we've begun officially supporting Windows Vista 64, indicating which of our games are compatible with that Operating System. The good news is that basically everything works fine with Vista 64 with the exception (currently) of the downloadable V-Mate games from G-Collections. If you'd like to get any of these great titles and are using Windows Vista 64, we recommend you try the shrink-wrapped CD-ROM versions instead of the download versions. Incidentally, our recently released Peach Princess download games are fully compatible with any version of Windows including Vista 64, by the way, so you can enjoy the touching story-driven Snow Drop, the eerily beautiful fairy-tale Little My Maid, super sci-fi adventure Critical Point, the totally naughty Gibo ~ Stepmother's Sin, and even Water Closet, with any computer.

Do you love racing anime like Initial D? Then you're sure to love Downhill Night, the exciting sequel Downhill Night 2 and the awesome 3D driving "H" game Downhill Night Blaze, three great titles we'll be bringing you soon. This is a great new gaming series for fans of downhill racing anime in which you must help the beautiful girls win races if you want to win their love. Featuring gorgeous CG animation created by the staff that made the racing scenes for Initial D, the Downhill Night series (in Japanese, Moero Downhill Night) is unprecedented new approach to the dating-sim genre that combines traditional dating-sim elements with fast-moving driving animation at every turn. And the third game in the series, Downhill Night Blaze, is a fully rendered 3D driving game! Each title is moderately priced at just $24.95 -- why not preorder them now?

Well, that's all for now, although we'll have more announcements posted soon. Thanks again for being a fan of Japan's amazing "H" games!
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