JASTUSA Newsletter - 2009/04/24

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JASTUSA Newsletter - 2009/04/24

Postby Lamuness » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:15 am

Hello again from JAST USA, where you can experience Japan in a whole new way, through amazing interactive PC dating-sim games in English!

First and foremost, some news about our upcoming PC dating-sim game releases, which we know you're eagerly awaiting. Rather than the oh-so-awesome Family Project (see below), the next English-translated dating-sim we'll be bringing out is Cosplay Fet Academy, thanks to some faster-than-expected translation work by our hardworking staff. This is the story of Ryouji, a student with a pair of beautiful twin cousins who are tossed into an alternate reality of amazing skimpy cosplay love! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where your favorite cosplays come alive for you every day, with each beautiful girl willing to fulfill your any desire, this is a game you won't want to miss! Work is proceeding well on this title, which incidentally features fabulous art by the creator of Lightning Warrior Raidy . You can preorder it now and get free shipping for the game when it's ready.

Of course, we're also hard at work on the excellent Family Project ~ Kazoku Keikaku. Rated by Japanese fans as the most popular bishoujo game of all time on the influential Japanese website Erogamescape, Family Project unites the talents of scenario writer Yamada Hajime (Kana: Little Sister, Yume Miru Kusuri) wit h the musical powerhouse "I've" and their star vocalist Kotoko (Onegai Teacher, Shakugan no Shana), as well as a cast of some of the most famous voice actors of all time, including the voice of a certain Emperor of Britannia you may be familiar with. We're hard at work editing and preparing this game for our fans, and it's a great time to preorder it now!

In Family Project, you play Tsukasa, a fiercely independent young man who, rejected by society, is forced into an arrangement of mutual survival with a band of fellow outcasts, others like yourself who have nowhere else to go, so you all agree to form a family of your own. You shape the flow of the story as you decide how to interact with the members of your new group: Matsuri, the precocious girl who ran away from home for reasons unknown; Chunhua, a Chinese girl in Japan illegally, who depends on you for everything; Jun, your former lover from your school days who seems now to care for nothing but money; Aoba, the haughty former heiress to a mega-corporation; and Masumi, a weak-willed girl recently jilted by her con-man fiancee. It's a game that's so rich, so full of excellent characters and great story elements, it will change your view of bishoujo games entirely. As you work through lif e together against the odds, your feelings for this odd group deepen. Love, romance, and passionate physical encounters weave their way through a story that is truly a masterwork of the genre, and one finally available from G-Collections soon! In depth story and character profiles, screenshots, sample music and more will be available on the official game website to be launched in the coming weeks.

Remember that we've permanently dropped prices on a ton of our best games by $5 or more, bringing some of our most memorable PC dating-sim games to their lowest price ever. Want to choose your future wife among several kimono-clad beauties or Shinto shrine maidens? Experience the thrill of tasting Dad's new wife or your sweet stepsister? Find love in a traditional Japanese hot springs hotel or see what it's like to have your body change into a girl? Our amazing PC dating-sims now start at just $14.95 for download or CD-ROM purchase. Browse our full catalog now!

Well, that's all for now. Once again, thanks for being a dedicated fan of this wonderful genre of game from Japan!
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