JASTUSA Newsletter - 2009/12/17

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JASTUSA Newsletter - 2009/12/17

Postby Lamuness » Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:15 am

Greetings from JAST USA, the company that works hard to bring you Japan's amazing dating-sim games in English. It's cold outside, but we're warmed this holiday season by the heat of our passion for all things bishoujo! We've got some great news for you today, so we'll get right to it.

First, a holiday gift to you: we're announcing the end of the V-Mate authorization system for our download products. Previously, customers who purchased Internet Download Editions of our G-Collections games needed to install Virtual Mate activation software and have a live Internet connection when they wanted to play. With the release of the patches we're posting today, Virtual Mate is no longer required (although it is still supported normally). Among other things, this means that anyone running 64-bit versions of Windows Vista or 7 may now purchase and play our games! Now you can run our amazing PC dating-sims on practically any version of Windows without hassle, including the convenient and discreet download versions.

Full details on the patches and how to get them are available at this post on the newly-redesigned JAST USA official blog site. Please note that the patches are still "public beta," and not all games have been patched yet (we're posting them as they are ready). In some cases, old saved games may not be supported by the patched EXEs, and you should back them up just in case.

Next, we'd like to remind everyone that work on the latest awesome G-Collections title Cat Girl Alliance is nearly complete. This is a fantastic choice for fans of naughty "H" games from Japan, which nicely blends cute cat-girl themes with futanari and more, and it's a great time to pre-order and make sure you're among the first to receive this kinky title when it's released in the new year. Look for a full introduction to the game when the official site launches (coming soon!), or browse the JAST USA product page to order it now. There's a blog post with development notes for the game, too.

Finally, we're celebrating the season and our brand-new website design with a special sale: buy two or more games from the new JAST USA website and receive a copy of the heartwarming and sexy comedy game Snow Sakura for free -- or if you already have it, you'll get a $15 credit toward your next purchase. This is just one of the ways we're saying 'thank you' to our excellent customers this season, so be sure to check the JAST USA website early and often for even more great news from the world of Japan's amazing bishoujo games.

Well, that's all for now. Once again, thanks for being a dedicated fan of this wonderful genre of games from Japan!
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