JASTUSA Newsletter - 2010/04/09

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JASTUSA Newsletter - 2010/04/09

Postby Lamuness » Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:14 am

Greetings from JAST USA! As the cherry blossoms bloom outside our window, so too does news of the best bishoujo dating-sim games around. Read on for the latest update from Japan's amazing eroge world. We've got your amorous escapades covered with some great news from Peach Princess!

Our first bit of good news is the announcement that all the outstanding game titles by Crowd are now available both as shrinkwrapped CD-ROM games and convenient DRM-free Internet Download Editions. Crowd has released some of the most outstanding visual novel/dating-sim games over the years, including the X-Change saga about poor Takuya, a boy who changes into a girl on several occasions; Yin-Yang, the "alternate" X-Change with super futanari and other themes; Brave Soul, a superb fully-functional fanta sy RPG with combat, magical items and more, and a game system that gives you "love points" with each girl as you play through the game missions; and Tokimeki Check in!, one of the most critically-acclaimed games in our history, which one customer played for 24 hours straight when it was released. Plus, we've dropped the prices on all these outstanding titles.

The following games are available:

X-Change 1
X-Change 2
X-Change 3
Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative
Tokimeki Check-In!
Brave Soul
Doushin: Same Heart

Turning to great news from G-Collections, we have word that Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 is finally in post-production and "heavy" beta testing! Check the post linked via the images above for all the details on this long-awaited project, as well as the very first in-game screenshots from the development build. The game is now available for pre-order, so be sure to order now to make sure you're among the first to experience this robust, ecchi RPG that's coming soon!

A couple of final reminders - first, the latest G-Collections title Cat Girl Alliance is in stock and shipping in both package and download editions! This is one of our most delightfully kinky games yet, and we think you'll really get a kick out of everything it has to offer.

This is a fantastic choice for fans of naughty "H" games from Japan, which nicely blends cute cat-girl themes with futanari and more, and it's a great time to order and make sure you're among the first to receive this kinky title now that it's released. Be sure to check out the official site for a full introduction to the game, or browse the JAST USA product page to order it now. There's a blog post with development notes for the game, too.

Next, we're still buzzing about the end of the V-Mate authorization system for our G-Collections download games. Previously, customers who purchased Internet Download Editions of our G-Collections games needed to install Virtual Mate activation software and have a live Internet connection when they wanted to play. With the release of the patches we've posted, Virtual Mate is no longer required (although it is still supported normally). Among other things, this means that anyone running 64-bit versions of Windows Vista or 7 may now purchase and play our games! Now you can run our amazing PC dating-sims on practically any version of Windows without hassle, including the convenient and discreet download versions. To access the V-Mate-free versions, just access the download page and enter the code you received when you made your purchase.

Full details on the patches and how to get them are available at this post on the newly-redesigned JAST USA official blog site. Please note that the patches are still "public beta" and in some cases old saved games may not be supported by the patched EXEs, so you should back them up just in case.

Finally, we can't go without mentioning that work is continuing on the first game in our collaboration with Japanese maker Nitroplus, Demonbane. This epic, Cthulhu-inspired visual novel is introduced on the Nitroplus USA website, where you can also keep an eye out for all the newest updates and special features we have in store. Enter the world of giant robots battling the forces of darkness in Arkham City today - preorders now open!

Well, that's all for now. Once again, thanks for being a dedicated fan of this wonderful genre of games from Japan!
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