Peach Princess Newsletter - 2008/12/21

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Peach Princess Newsletter - 2008/12/21

Postby Lamuness » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:51 am

Hello again from Peach Princess, the company that loves to bring out great Japanese PC dating-sim games in English for fans like you!

Our recent good news is that the fabulous new eroge Princess Waltz is in stock and shipping now! A gorgeous game for all fans of bishoujo games from Japan, Princess Waltz has the highest production quality ever seen in a U.S. release, with amazing characters, a great fantasy story, top-quality voice acting and, well, those amazing "H" scenes. Arata is a normal Japanese student whose world is suddenly turned upside-down by mysterious magical princesses who engage in fierce combat to determine which will pair with the mysterious hero and save the world. This game has it all: fantastic characters, a unique combat system, gigabytes of top-quality game art and a super story, so order now!

And as promised, the Internet Download Edition of the game has also been released, meaning you can purchase it right now and enjoy the convenience of a fast Internet download. Just a word of caution: since the game is a whopping 2.7 GB, you might just be happier with the DVD-ROM edition since you'll have the optical media to install from when you go to play the game again. Of course, we did just update our download system to a much faster system which also allows unlimited downloads in a 24-hour period, meaning you can use your browser's "resume" function and/or an Internet Download Accelerator to get the games faster, so either option is probably fine for all broadband or higher users.

Princess Waltz is so popular that gorgeous prepainted figures have been made for it. And since we've got these figures in stock, we thought we'd offer a cool special set of the 1/7 scale Angela figure with the Princess Waltz game for a special discount, while also posting the Iris figure to the site. The Angela and Iris figures are incredibly beautiful, painted with perfect attention to every detail, especially the hair and faces. Both figures are "cast off" too, so you can remove their clothes to make them match scenes from the game -- lots of fun. (Figures can be purchased separately as well.).

Remember that our games now officially support Windows Vista 64, indicating which of our games are compatible with that Operating System on our product pages. Happily, nearly everything works fine with Vista 64 with the exception (currently) of the downloadable V-Mate games from G-Collections. If you'd like to get any of these great titles and are using Windows Vista 64, we recommend you try the shrink-wrapped CD-ROM versions instead of the download versions. Incidentally, our recently released Peach Princess download games are fully compatible with any version of Windows including Vista 64, by the way, so you can enjoy the touching story-driven Snow Drop, the eerily beautiful fairy-tale Little My Maid, super sci-fi adventure Critical Point, the totally naughty Gibo ~ Stepmother's Sin, and even Water Closet, with any computer.

Now that Princess Waltz is out, it's time for us to see what our next title will be? We're hard at work on several titles at once so we're not quite sure at this point. Maybe the awesome Family Project, one of the most popular bishoujo games ever made? Perhaps Cosplay Fetish Academy, or Cat Girl Alliance ? We're still not sure, as development is progressing on all titles separately, but in the meantime, you can preorder the titles for fastest service when they are ready.

Well, that's all for now, although we'll have more announcements posted soon. Thanks again for being a fan of Japan's amazing "H" games!
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