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Hi Everyone! As you know, our team is working diligently to prepare Eiyu*Senki for its International PC debut. We've been working closely with the team at TENCO to ensure this version stays true to the feeling and content of the Japanese original.

Release Date Revealed

Mark your calendars for October 24th, the release of Eiyu*Senki on PC! We'll have a simultaneous release of both the original uncut version here at JAST USA and the all-ages version on Steam.

This decision to move back the release was a difficult one, but our team felt that a short delay would allow them the extra time needed to focus more on polishing the unique feel of each character. The character interactions in Eiyu*Senki's are an important part of the story, of which many are voiced in Japanese, so having the right tone, we felt, was very important.

Why We Love Eiyu*Senki

Eiyu*Senki takes you on an adventure to the ends of the earth and back as you help Himiko save the world from an endless war. Along the way you'll meet unique characters inspired from real historical figures and mythological icons, like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Rasputin, Kamehameha of Hawaii, Aristotle and many more.

There are over 70 characters that can join your side, each with their own valuable battle skills and side-quest storylines. Your battle party can have up to six members, so you have literally millions of possibilities to form your "dream team" to take down monsters, zombies, dragons, and evil villains. The tactics based combat starts out simple, but grows to be challenging and addictive.

The leveling system is unique among RPGs, with two ways to level-up your characters: their troops, and their relationship with you. You can purchase more troops for your teammates every turn, increasing their damage output and combat ability. You can also complete side quests to unlock new combat skills and abilities.

Our team has clocked the game at well over 30 hours of gameplay. If you are a completionist then it will take 40 to 50 hours to experience all the characters side stories. It's a massive game that is super fun to play!

If you haven't already, pre-order the Collector's Edition or Limited Editions from our friends at J-List. The Collector's Edition includes the game's 2-disc soundtrack and a rare limited printing of the Eiyu*Senki artbook. Inside you will find character artwork and descriptions, plus an exclusive interview with illustrator Oyari Ashito.

Eiyu*Senki Collector's Edition Eiyu*Senki Collector's Edition
  • Shinichi Asakura

    Will the game get a digital preporder? Also will the saves from the japanese version work?

  • TheKey2Destiny

    If the sales go well with this game, are you guys planning on tackling Eiyuu*Senki GOLD afterward?

  • Miqubi

    Will there be download codes sent to people who pre-order the physical version?

  • Shinichi Asakura

    Any news on the digital preorder?

  • Shinichi Asakura

    Is the game dead or delayed?

  • Shinichi Asakura

    Just bought and downloading it, cant wait to play it.

  • Ley Dz

    I got the hard copy but every time i defeated India it crashes