Price Drop for Littlewitch Romanesque




As you may have already heard, we’re releasing both the package and download versions of Eiyu*Senki today, with the Steam version to follow in mid-November. To celebrate, we will be permanently lowering the price of one of our other great titles: Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque.

  • The uncut versions (Editio Perfecta) will now be priced at $24.99, down $10 from the previous price!

Why are we doing this? The character artist behind both titles, Eiyu*Senki and Littlewitch Romanesque, is illustrator Ooari Ashito. Oyari-san has worked on a number of popular titles, and his distinctive dainty style is always one of their main selling points.

And what better introduction than Littlewitch Romanesque, which features of 300 of his stunning CGs?! It’s a visual novel with gameplay where you are a teacher of the magical arts tasked with training two cute girls to become world-class wizards! An involving, fully-voiced story is interspersed with 100 spells to learn, 79 quests to complete, and 20 different endings to explore. With well over 30 hours of gameplay, it's a real bargain at this new low price!  Check it out now on the JAST USA store!