Come Welcome Our New Store Partners




Open To All

Last week we made an open invitation to visual novel developers, both small and large, to bring their titles to our store so together we can help make a place where their games can be more freely available to fans around the world.

We got an amazing response! Starting today we are starting our Welcome Sale to introduce and celebrate our current and new and upcoming store partners. Please give them a warm welcome by browsing their titles, and if you see something you like consider supporting them during our sales event.

Our Newest Partners:

Cherry Kiss Games
Dharker Studio (coming soon)
Flaming Firefly
Fruitbat Factory
Kagura Games
Razzart Visual
Top Hat Studios (coming soon)
Zetsubou Games

Note: Regional pricing for new titles may take a few days to take effect. Thank you for your patience.

Our Future

The recent issues arising from Steam's new policy enforcement have shined a light on the pressures that developers and publishers face to change their creative direction. These pressures might come from a store, website hosting provider, payment processors, or government agency under the guise of "moralistic values" to censor or dictate the kinds of creative expressions that are deemed acceptable for mature adults to experience. As both a store and a publisher we understand the struggles of navigating this harsh environment.

Our Japanese counterparts face similar issues, being mandated to censor nudity and the subsequent due diligence they must undertake to release their games internationally. Themes that may be deemed as acceptable in one country are not always acceptable in another, and as a publisher we do our best to mitigate the developer's risks when releasing internationally, which could mean the content has to be changed or removed. This is never something we want but is something we have to do.

We want to keep our store as open and as free from censorship as possible. We don't know what the future will bring, and there may be a time when we face harsher pressure to change how we do business. If that day does come, we promise to be open about what is happening and push back as much as we can to protect the full-content of visual novels.

  • Shinichi Asakura

    I would be more happy about this annoucment if you would have regional prices like steam, games with no regional prices are to expensive for me, as a game in euro or dollars costs even 30 to 40% more than in PLN.

  • Marco Antonio Diaz

    Excuse me people of Jast USA with the Regional Pricing,
    any plan to use mexican pesos as a form of payment? really I need another plataform apart of steam for buy visual novels in Mexico (Latin America)