New Regional Pricing Now Available in Select Regions




Regional Pricing Now Live on the JAST Store

It shouldn't matter if you are from Massachusetts or Madagascar, everyone should have equal access to all the amazing visual novels that are being created by talented developers the world over. With this in mind we are excited to announce the public beta release of regional pricing for our store!

Why did we start development of this feature? Upon the release of our own hit title Eiyu*Senki we heard customers wishing for fair pricing that matched their region's economy. This is commonly called regional pricing, a feature made popular on Steam which allows customers to have equal buying power through adjusted pricing. Certainly a technically difficult task, but we felt it was a feature we had to provide.

After months of testing and development, we made a soft launch of the feature back in April for certain regions. It was a success! We continued development to make sure it could scale across multiple regions, and today we are are happy to finally have it live.

Please try it out and continue supporting the work of the great developers and creative artists who make all our store's visual novels possible.

Now Accepting New Titles

Come Join Our Store!

If you are a developer of visual novels, you have probably already heard of Steam taking issue with certain content. As a publisher who has released multiple titles on Steam, like Sonicomi, Flowers and Eiyu*Senki, we were shocked and disgusted not only due to the change in policy, but with their lack of open communication to game developers about it.

As one of the oldest publishers of visual novels, we are proud of our medium of storytelling, especially content with mature themes! We want to see our visual novels flourish and are opening our store to visual novel developers, publishers and creators who would like a safe and secure place to sell their titles to the world. Send us a message to and we'll talk with you soon about getting your title onto our store for worldwide distribution.

  • Alex Petrov That's a great feature! Some of these prices are much higher than prices on Steam though.

  • sanahtlig

    Do you have any plans to improve delivery such as automatic download management and updates? Lack of such features is the biggest reason I can't recommend the JAST store as a replacement for Steam. For example, the delivery of Shiny Days--16x 1GB files which have to be manually downloaded 1-by-1--was simply unacceptable. And then on top of that, many of the game patches were taken down and were *unavailable for months*.

    For a long time, my site was the only place where you could download the Shiny Days bugfix patch! In fact, do a Google search on "Shiny Days patch". My site is the top hit. Your site is the second hit--and the patch link there doesn't work! Whether you have a working link somewhere hardly matters, because most of your customers won't find it in the first place they look, and will visit my site instead. Oops!

  • 13xforever

    > Please try it out

    Maybe I'm not smart enough, but there's no information on what regions and currencies are supported, what games are eligible, and what you need to do to actually try it out.

    From what I've seen around, I should be able to see regional prices, but I don't.

  • Kasenom

    Would love to see games priced in Mexican Pesos :)

  • Rik Anon

    Meh, that sucks. JAST is doing a nearly 1-1 conversion.
    Eiyu*Senki costs $39.99 but they're selling it to us Europeans 37.53€ now.
    Total ripoff.
    $39.99 = 33.97€

  • Agronopolos

    Brazilian Real???

  • Berserker Armour

    Cost difference is terrifying in comparison to Steam. For example, i'm from Russia and latest Sable's Grimoire costs here ~900 rub, whereas at Steam it costs 360 rub.