Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku- Coming Summer 2019

Fall in Love with Otokonoko this Summer

Tomgirls of the Mountains Release

Developed by Nounai Kanojo, Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku- is a fun otokonoko fantasy set deep in the mountains of Japan. JAST USA will be bringing this title to English in Summer of 2019.

About Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku-

The story starts right after Ikuto, our poor protagonist, is dumped by the woman of his dreams. He's never had success in romance, so he resolves to be completely done with women. To clear his mind and heal his broken heart, he leaves the city on a journey into the mountains. But what was supposed to be a fun expedition quickly becomes a desperate situation as Ikuto gets hopelessly lost. When things seemingly couldn't get any worse, a storm hits the mountains. In his search to find shelter, he comes across a mysterious tunnel that leads into the mountainside. He enters and finds something unexpected on the other side...


Tomgirls of the Mountains -jousou sanmyaku-

In the story of  Tomgirls of the Mountains, the main character finds himself in a remote village where he meets three cute tomgirls Which one will you fall in love with? Keep an eye out for its release, coming in Summer 2019!