Play classic JAST games in your web browser

Transfer Student

もんもん学園~ten・ko・sei~Released: 1998

Season of the Sakura

さくらの季節Released: 1996

Three Sisters' Story

三姉妹Released: 1999

Runaway City

迷走都市Released: 1998

May Club

五月倶楽部Released: 1999

Nocturnal Illusion

夢幻夜想曲Released: 1997

To ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the stories of our classic JAST USA titles, we have worked with The Asenheim Project to bring JAST USA classics straight into your web browser. Like all emulation, these titles are not exactly like the original experience, but they are very close and are available for everyone to enjoy.

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These titles are to be used for historical and educational purposes only. The situations, images and characters are products of their time, and these depictions may not follow the views or values of today's society. They are preserved as a record of video game history, because to do otherwise would be rewriting our past.

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