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Darkness hangs over Arkham City. Arkham's protector, the young Hadou Ruri, is the only shield keeping the forces of the evil Black Lodge at bay. Amateur detective and former magic student Daijuuji Kurou wants nothing to do with the turmoil, but when Ruri herself shows up on his doorstep with an offer he can't refuse, Kurou is sucked back into the world of supernatural intrigue that he swore to leave behind.

His task: to find the key that will unlock the power of the giant robot Demonbane, the city's last hope. your choices will decide the fate of Kurou as he unravels the mystery behind Demonbane, gaining friends, foes, and lovers along the way. Can you harness the power of the dread Necronomicon and save Arkham from the madness threatening to consume it?


Demonbane is an epic fantasy/sci-fi visual novel that combines HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos with hotblooded super robot action. It features over fifty hours of story packed with larger-than-life characters, otherworldly romance, and universe-destroying battles, all brought to life with amazing arwork and an all-star voice cast.
  • Al Azif

    Al Azif

    Known by many names and forms through the centuries, Al Azif's girlish appearance is deceptive: she is the avatar of a Grimoire, and embodies the original Necronomicon itself, an icon of forbidden magic long sought by ambitious sorcerers eager to amplify their powers.

  • Daijuuji Kurou

    Daijuuji Kurou

    The hero of our story, Daijuuji is down on his luck. Unable to handle the pressures of life at Miskatonic University, he dropped out to form his own private detective business. He joins Al in flight from the agents of the sinister Black Lodge.

  • Leica


    A nun who runs a church and orphanage in a quiet corner of Arkham City, she's taken it upon herself to provide for the livelihood of Kurou while he pursues his detective business. Despite her sharp tongue she is well meaning, kind and helpful.

  • Hadou Ruri

    Hadou Ruri

    The protector of Arkham City and its ruler from the shadows, this girl leads the Hadou plutocracy. She hires Kurou to hunt down the mysterious Grimoire that will power Demonbane.

  • Etheldreda


    A mysterious girl who attends Black Lodge leader Master Therion as if she were his shadow. Unlike Al Azif she remains calm, quiet and composed in all circumstances.

  • Nya


    The female proprietor of a rare bookshop who helps Kurou in his detective work, she has a bewitching aura and an alluring physical presence about her.

  • Dr. West

    Dr. West

    A mad scientist in the employ of the Black Lodge syndicate. Arkham City is plagued by disturbances created when his bizarre inventions run amok.

  • Master Therion

    Master Therion

    Leader of the Black Lodge society for the dark arts. With ravishing good looks and a powerful, charismatic personality, he is the true image of a charming demon.


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Deus Machina Demonbane
Romance the Necronomicon and save the universe from ultimate evil in this Lovecraft-inspired super-robot epic from Nitroplus!

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May 13, 2011
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