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Takamine Yuuto is a regular guy with a heavy responsibility. After losing his parents, he decides to live independently and provide for his stepsister Kaori. Their life together is hard, but pleasant; passed in friendly quarrels with his rival Shun, and accompanied by their childhood friend Kyouko.

But the wheel of fate moves as it wills. In an astonishing turn of events, Yuuto and his sister are summoned to another dimension: the land of Phantasmagoria. Kaori is held captive, and without the ability to understand or communicate in this new world, Yuuto is compelled to become an Etranger - a warrior of power - and take up the sword, becoming a force in the conflict raging in this alien world.

To protect Kaori, the unwilling Yuuto throws himself into the fray. But as he fights alongside the fighters known as Spirits, living among the people of Phantasmagoria, he slowly comes to discover other reasons for his ongoing struggle...


Aselia the Eternal combines hardcore strategy gameplay with an epic fantasy storyline to create a fantastic experience for gamers of all ages. Travel to a fantasy world and lead an army of cute girls in battle against powerful enemies. With dozens of missions, hundreds of skills, three difficulty levels, and eight endings, Aselia the Eternal offers countless hours of RPG fun.
  • Takamine Yuuto

    Takamine Yuuto

    The game's protagonist. Guided by a mysterious voice, he finds himself whisked away to the fantastic world of Phantasmagoria. Unfortunately his little sister is brought along for the ride, so Yuuto is forced to save her. Race: Human. Affiliation: Rakios.

  • Aselia Bluespirit

    Aselia Bluespirit

    A blue-eyed, blue-haired girl who speaks little and rarely shows her emotions. She believes that battle is her sole purpose in life, and places great importance on the Eternity Sword she wields. Race: Spirit. Affiliation: Rakios.

  • Esperia Greenspirit

    Esperia Greenspirit

    A green-eyed, brown-haired girl who is known for her gentle, self-sacrificing nature. She is the unofficial leader of Rakios's Spirits. Her halo takes the form of a shield. Race: Spirit. Affiliation: Rakios.

  • Oruphaliru Redspirit

    Oruphaliru Redspirit

    An innocent, carefree girl with crimson eyes and flame-red hair. She takes to Yuuto quickly, calling him "Papa." Because she was raised as a weapon of war, she treats battle like a game. Race: Spirit. Affiliation: Rakios.

  • Lesteena Dai Rakios

    Lesteena Dai Rakios

    The Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Rakios, Lesteena's severe demeanor hides a kindhearted soul who abhors her father the king's greedy ways and longs for peace to come to Phantasmagoria. Race: Human. Affiliation: Rakios.

  • Uruka Blackspirit

    Uruka Blackspirit

    The captain of the Holy Sargios Empire's special forces union, she is known throughout Phantasmagoria as "Uruka of the Jet Black Wings" and feared for her lightning-fast sword draw. Race: Spirit. Affiliation: Sargios.

  • Midori Kouin

    Midori Kouin

    The son of a Buddhist priest, Kouin is a noble-hearted young man who cares deeply for his friend Yuuto and Yuuto's sister Kaori. Summoned to Phantasmagoria, he must face Yuuko in battle as an Etranger of the Malgorian Republic. Race: Human. Affiliation: Malgorian.

  • Misaki Kyouko

    Misaki Kyouko

    Yuuto's friend and Kouin's girlfriend, Kyouko is an outspoken girl whose frank demeanor and caring soul endear her to everyone. Summoned to Phantasmagoria, she is forces by a curse to do battle with Yuuto. Race: Human. Affiliation: Malgorian.

  • Kurahashi Tokimi

    Kurahashi Tokimi

    In Yuuto's world Tokimi is the slightly ditsy priestess whom Yuuto visits at the shrine near his home. Strangely, she often speaks to Yuuto as if she's known him for much longer than she has. Race: Human. Affiliation: Unknown.

  • Takamine Kaori

    Takamine Kaori

    Yuuto's younger stepsister, whose parents died in an airplane crash. A bright and good-natured girl, she is taken hostage by the king of Rakios in order to force Yuuto to fight against his well. Race: Human. Affiliation: Rakios.


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Aselia the Eternal
Journey to another world and fight alongside beautiful girls in this epic strategy RPG. An adventure all ages can enjoy!


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November 4, 2011