What do I need to create an account?

Only your name and email address. To complete an order we'll need to ask for your billing address.

How soon are games delivered?

As soon as your order is completed, your games will be accessible from your account. No delay at all!

I bought some physical games from you before your site update. Can I still get digital versions of them?

Make a ticket in our support portal and we'll get you taken care of. All previous orders will be honored and fulfilled. Don't worry ^_^

What will show-up on my credit card account?

Your account will be charged under the name "JAST USA" on your billing statement.

Help!!! I've lost my password!

No problem. Go here to reset your password.

Why are your games so awesome?

Because we like awesome games... and boobies.

I know of a cool game you guys should localize.

We'd love to hear what it is. While there are many reasons why a game could be hard to localize, we're always willing to listen to suggestions. Send our team a message and we'll see about contacting the studio.

There is a problem with my game. What should I do?

Please submit a ticket and we'll try to help.

Why does the price change when I get to the checkout?

That's our regional pricing system at work. The site thinks you're in one country, either due to a VPN or an annoying bug, while your billing address is in another, so it's switching from the pricing for the country it thinks you're in to the pricing of the country where your billing address is when you go to check out.

Do you sell physical games?

No, jastusa.com is a digital storefront. Retailers like J-List, Right Stuf Anime, and others handle our physical distribution.

My card got charged like 40 times and I didn't get the game/I only got one of the game. What gives?

Is it a debit card? I bet it's a debit card. A lot of banks immediately put purchasing holds on debit card purchases, even before the transaction clears. So what might happen is you try to charge something to your debit card, but enter the wrong billing zip code. Your bank will put a hold on the card immediately, but then decline the transaction for the Address Verification System mismatch. That bank hold might stay on your card for a few days before they automatically lift it. The money never actually got to us and there's nothing we can do about it. Maybe if you call your bank they can fix it faster?

What's up with this new website?

Thanks for noticing! We're releasing our new store in a BETA stage, with more features to come soon. You may notice a few features may be a little buggy, but we're hard at work on getting those fixed.

Got more questions?

We'll be happy to help you!

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