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Hi, I'm Tachibana Eiji. I just transferred to this school, and I totally wasn't prepared for what just happened. After school I caught our class president, Rumi, and my classmate, Natsuki, having sex in the school infirmary! Not only that, Rumi is a... has a... something between her legs that I wasn't expecting to see

Shocked and almost ready to bleed from my nose, I went home. Of course, I wanted to see more, but I didn't want to get caught! Later that evening I got a call at home from Rumi. I knew it couldn't be good, but I picked up anyway. The first thing she said into my ear was, "Won't you join us?"


Cat Girl Alliance is a wild and wacky look at some of the more bizarre fetishes found in Japanese eroge. Featuring multiple paths that range from amorous romantic play to kinky sex-slave training, girls in cosplay, light bondage, and exhibitionism. This is a cute and sexy romp through fantasy school life. From Sekilala and G-Collections.
  • Takahata Rumi

    Takahata Rumi

    The president of Eiji's class. A bright, high-spirited and popular girl, her father is a newly rich self-made man and her family is tremendously wealthy. Thanks to her personality this upper class "princess" status of hers doesn't particularly show, though. Born as a futanari, she got over her dislike for her body at an early age and came to be curious about all things sexual. While already fully sexually experienced, she is constantly in search of further stimulus and pleasure. (Age 19)

  • Azumi Shizuko

    Azumi Shizuko

    Eiji's classmate. She sits next to him in class, and seems like a kind enough person. Due to trauma suffered in a sexual harassment incident in the past she became an obsessive-compulsive neat freak, and was violently ill-disposed toward members of the opposite sex. Her personality has a cool and high-handed side, but once she takes to someone (boy or girl) she becomes quite intimate. Regarding sex she knows what she's read in magazines, which sparked her interest in the subject.(Age 19)

  • Misawa Natsuki

    Misawa Natsuki

    Eiji's classmate. Taken into Rumi's family by her father as a child, Natsuki was raised as his second natural daughter. However, her fierce devotion to Rumi has given her the appearance more of her maid than her sister. At a glance she's the inscrutable, mysterious type. She doesn't talk much and doesn't let her emotions show, but due to the development of her body at Rumi's hand when she enters "H" mode she undergoes a complete change, to a brazen, dirty talking girl. Because Rumi has focused on her anal training, Natsumi is still a virgin. (Age 18)

  • Takahata Masayoshi

    Takahata Masayoshi

    Rumi's step-brother, a year younger than the protagonist. His frail constitution, slender build and pale skin make him look remarkably girlish. In love with his sister, in the past she caught him stealing her panties to use for dubious purposes and since then has been blackmailed into her service. He is now at her beck and call in her quest for sexual stimulation. He's still a virgin in all senses of the term, but is experienced in "petting level" play along with Natsuki and Rumi. (Age 18)


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Cat Girl Alliance
Play as Eiji, a transfer student who's just been invited to do some afternoon study with some of his kinkier classmates.


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February 8, 2010
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Adults Only
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