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Eiji is a somewhat faith-challenged priest at a Catholic school for young nurses. When a panty thief helps himself to the underwear in the girls' dorm, Maria asks him to help put a stop to it by moving into the dorm himself. Although he tries to be the best person he can be, the thought of living alongside all those ripe young nurses-in-training is enough to really get his juices flowing. A hilarious game with plenty of sexual fun at every corner. While you can try all the girls in the game, which will you end up with in the end?


I'm Gonna Nurse You 2 is a great harem-style visual novel with uncensored graphics and a fantastic selection of gorgeous ladies to romance.
  • Akira Nagasaki

    Akira Nagasaki

    Student at Saint Michael's School for Nurses. Your childhood friend, you've known Akira all her life. A capable, dedicated nurse. Age 19.

  • Hibari Ishigami

    Hibari Ishigami

    Another student at Saint Michael's School for Nurses. Her family runs a Shinto shrine so she's an experiemced miko (Shrine maiden). Age 19.

  • Yuna Igarashi

    Yuna Igarashi

    Nurse at Saint Michael's General Hospital, currently undergoing her internship at the nursing school. Age 25.

  • Erina Bianki

    Erina Bianki

    The Italian daughter of a mafia boss you got involved with while in Rome, she came all the way to Japan to be near you. Age 25.

  • Maria Nagasaki

    Maria Nagasaki

    The ranking sister at St. Michael's, Maria teaches ethnics and philosophy. She is a beautiful and chaste nun...although she's been known to nip at the wine offering from time to time. Age 29.


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I'm Gonna Nurse You 2
A light-hearted game full of naughty fun, set in a school for nurses-in-training.


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Release Date
June 24, 2003
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Adults Only
contains mature themes