Lightning Warrior Raidy

Lightning Warrior Raidy

The first all-female yuri fantasy dungeon crawler RPG! Face an army of sexy monster girls and punish them.

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April 7, 2008
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Hey, I'm Raidy, a wandering sword that travels this continent of Else far and wide for adventure. People have taken to calling me the 'Lightning Warrior' since I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will. I've begun to like the name, actually.

Why am I standing here in front of this tower, you ask? That village, just over there, it used to be a vibrant place called Saad. I found it deserted and in total decay. Apparently, the bastards that did it live in this tower. A gang of vile monsters that think it's ok to steal young women from their home, then kill any man that tries to save them. Lucky for me... I'm no man.

About This Game

You take the role of Raidy in this first person RPG dungeon crawl, aiding her on her quest to clear the Cubust tower of the monsters that dwell within and liberate the village of Saad. Featuring hours of classic 3D RPG-style gameplay, dozens of beautifully drawn monster girls from artist Kazuma Muramasa, and strong yuri (lesbian) themes. It's a fresh style of game, from G-Collections and developer ZyX, famous for titles like Sagara Family and Tsuki - Possession.


  • Raidy


    A female warrior who controls the power of lightning. She is strong-willed and hates losing, but has a gentle side as well. Constantly in good spirits, when she has a goal in mind she's the type who pursues it straight to the end. Her ultimate attack is the Thunder Slash, and she considers the yellow bandana she wears to be her trademark style.

  • Fonfon


    A werewolf, and the boss of the first floor of the Cubust tower. She wields a whip as her primary weapon, but if you lose to her you'll see that she likes to use it for more than just combat.

  • Sorceress


    The second floor boss of the Cubust tower. Despite her magic staff she seems to be more an SM queen than a sorceress, and takes delight in tormenting her captive maidens.

  • Tiss


    She dwells in the Cubust tower as the boss of its third floor. A female demon with two large horns sprouting from her forhead and bat wings on her back, her primary weapon is the trident. Rumor has it that she likes candle play...

  • Foless


    A dark elf and the fourth floor boss of the Cubust tower. Her pointed ears and dark skin compliment her young-looking features. She enters battle armed with a rapier, and is known to be fond of enemas.

  • Knight Errant

    Knight Errant

    The fifth floor boss of the Cubust tower. Clad in an imposing suit of armor and full face mask, the knight's true form will only be revealed when the armor is removed...

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