LocaLove My Cute Roommate 18+ Patch for Steam


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Patch Information

Before Installing Please be aware that regardless of intention, sharing screenshots or videos of the adult content from this patch constitutes a violation of Steam Terms of Service, and may result in the suspension or removal of your Steam account. We strongly advise against any attempt to do so unless you want your account banned. Responsibility for the content of this patch lies solely with Frontwing USA, Inc. Please do not make use of this patch if doing so would violate any relevant laws or regulations in your country of residence. Frontwing cannot guarantee the functionality of this patch for all computers systems, and is not responsible for any errors or damage that may result from the use of this patch. Your use of this patch signifies your agreement to these terms. Installing The Patch Please ensure you have updated the game on Steam to the latest version before applying the patch, and ensure you apply the patch before launching the updated game on Steam. Extract the patch files from the archive and run ".exe" file to install the patch. Notes We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility of the save files of the Steam version and the patched version for all the computers. Therefore for those who would like to avoid potential issues, it would be better to apply the patch before starting the game the very first time. When uninstalling the Steam version, the patch files are not erased, therefore manually erase the other files in the main folder of the game. If there is an update of the Steam version, there would be also an update for the patch. Make sure to download the latest version of the patch and re-apply it, before starting the game. For inquiries about this patch, please contact Frontwing for support.