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When Sable is accepted into Amadronia Magic Academy, he believes that his dream of becoming a world-renowned magic researcher is finally within his grasp. As one of the few pure-blooded humans capable of using magic, Sable is hopeful that he’ll find common ground with the demi-human population at the school, and that the next few years of his life will be as productive as they are enlightening. Unfortunately for Sable, his first day at Amadronia quickly proves to him that this will not be the case. The students in his class are unruly, there’s a pyromanic dragon girl running around, his ""teacher"" has no interest in teaching, the principal willfully breaks academy rules, and it seems like everywhere he turns, Sable finds one more reason to doubt Amadronia's proud legacy. Will Sable manage to survive at this clearly dysfunctional academy? Or will he, like so many others, leave Amadronia feeling utterly disillusioned?


Sable's Grimoire is a visual novel developed by Zetsubou Games and released on May 19th, 2018. You play as Sable, an obsessive youth who wishes to become a renowned magic researcher, as he begins to attend Amadronia Magic Academy. The choices you make will decide which of your demi-human classmates you grow closer to, and how the remainder of Sable's time at Amadronia will be spent. • 6 main monster girl heroines with 5 divergent routes • 400k word count with dozens of choices to be made • 16 different endings influenced by your choices • Contains a route map for visualizing your choices and the path you've taken • Checkpoints on the route map let you restart the game from key decisions, even if you didn't save • All original artwork and music made specifically for this game

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Sable's Grimoire
Sable's Grimoire is a visual novel featuring monster girls in a magic academy setting. Play as Sable, an aspiring magic researcher, as he get sucked into the daily lives and troubles of his demi-human classmates.


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May 19, 2018