Yukkuri Panic: Escalation

Yukkuri Panic: Escalation

Forced to attend St. Yale Academy, a Catholic boarding school for girls, Rie gets an education on how to love her fellow woman.

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Rolling Star
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December 2, 2012
Adults Only



Rie Komatsuzaki has just transferred to the prestigious St. Yale Academy, a Catholic school for girls, but it's not her choice. After finding her mother's romancing her private home tutor, she is now forced to attend this boarding school to keep the incident secret. Sad and confused, she finds herself alone and without friends. Looking for some peace from all her troubles, she she enters the school chapel. Within the holy sanctuary she encounters Naomi and Midori making love. She's immediately taken aback -- “What are they doing? Girls aren't supposed to touch each other like that!” Yet, she can't find the willpower to look away, and a warmth fills her panties as they grow increasingly wet. Before she knows what's happening, she's becomes the new plaything for the two girls as they teach her about the wonders of sex.

About This Game

Welcome to the world of Yukkuri Panic: Escalation, the premier 'yuri' eroge for fans of anime lesbian themes. This game includes two games in one: an erotic visual novel with multiple endings to explore, and the fun Gal's Panic arcade game where your skill is rewarded with Yuri action.


  • Rie Komatsuzaki

    Rie Komatsuzaki

    Newly transferred to St. Yale Academy, Rie is a girl who is sad and confused after learning the truth about her stepmother's affair with her first love. Broken hearted, she transferred to the prestigious Catholic girls' school to forget herself. Age 18.

  • Midori Omamori

    Midori Omamori

    A girl in Rie's class who is mischivious, Midori is the lover of Naomi. When Rie accidentally spies Midori and Naormi making love in the school chapel, she gets back at her by turning the girl into her personal plaything. Age 18.

  • Naomi Hayakawa

    Naomi Hayakawa

    Known as the "Madonna of the School," Naomi is beloved by all the other girls in the school. When Rie spies her playing with Midori in the chapel, her attentions turn to the new arrival at the school. She carries a deep secret inside her. Age 19.

  • Sister


    The head nun at the school, Sister is also the teacher of Rie and Midori. A woman with a pure heart on the surface, she also bears a secret she can never tell to another. Age 39.

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